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Ziga Poromon
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'Tis the Season!

The weather is getting colder, decorations are being hung , Christmas music is playing from speakers, and everyone is getting ready for the holidays . However, this season may be hard on many people experiencing; loss/grief, homelessness, overworking, sickness, and so much more. I was pondering on what I would write about for for Ziga's World this week. I came to the conclusion that I would share a poem I wrote called, December .


'Tis the Season

To feel joy and happiness

To admire the snow capped mountains and glistening frozen lakes

The steam emitted from mugs, cars, and buildings

To fill every day with reflections of unforgettable memories

And irreplaceable people

But the seasons are becoming weaker in joy

Harder to relish and live

Because the countdown has been tainted with expiration dates, brutality, and deprivation

What overpriced gift can rid us of the pain we bear?

Our childlike nature fails to resurge the believe in the magic that once was

The big red man that brings us presents if we've been good or bad

But we've been too busy trying to survive

So how close do we hold December

If we can't even hold each other as close as we did before

Nothing I write could bring justice to the healing everyone needs

But words can bring the standard


Listen to the jingle bells

Let it bring you into a world of colorful lights

Let every faith and holiday tradition bring you the strength you need

Whether you're alone, or surrounded by others

Don't let the season go to rot

Because life in unpredictable

But it's a beautiful mess filled with so much jubilation

Living is more fulfilling than possessions

Merryfull people can fill the holes in your heart

They're irreplaceable

This season may hurt

But joy can mend the chaos

Mend the diminishing memories

Make December a season worth living

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