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with Mexican Radio Host & Para-Climber Rosario! 

Picture: Rosario's official Instagram 

1) Hello Rosario, please introduce yourself briefly.

I am Rosario Serrano, I am 28 years old, I am Mexican, I am a radio host, historian and  Para -climber.


2) What excites you in life today?

Learn new things, meet people, places, travel, practice Para-climbing and make content on social networks.


3) What was the motivation for you to start working as a radio host?

I always get my attention to speak in public I believe that the voice is a wonderful medium to communicate ideas and our thoughts.


4) What is the hardest part of your job?

 Build confidence in my voice find nuances and express my ideas clearly and leave a message to people.


5) Tell us about the most rewarding project you've done so far and why.

For the first time I competed in a national Para-climbing in my country, I won first place, I decided to do it because it is an excellent opportunity for the world to know that people with disabilities deserve opportunities.


6) What country would you like to travel to the most?

I would like to travel to Korea one day, specifically Daegu and Gyeonggi-do.


7) You are currently preparing to be the first Para-climbing in your country. What made you want to do that challenge?

Yes, well, I am already registered in the history of this sport in my country as the first female Para-climber. I wish there were more Para-climbers from my country in the world and because I believe that sport does not discriminate and is for everyone.


8) What is your biggest goal in life?

Achieve a world that is kinder, less discriminating without social labels and free of stereotypes.


9) What compliment did you get that you can never forget?

You are a person who motivates


10) Your life motto?

A world where many worlds and many ideas fit.


11) If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what song would you choose?

A=  H.O.T. - Hope (빛)

Thank you Rosario for that great interview!

We are looking forward to your career and support you! 

#WeAreHere - Let's Asia! 

Picture: Rosario's official Instagram 

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