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Ziga Poromon
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Every role you get is a chance to grow

In the span of one and a half years, I have featured in various plays, cabarets, projects, and even podcasts. I still find myself referring to myself as an aspiring actress, because there's still a journey to go through before I reach my full acting potential, get the roles I dream of, and establish a career. I use websites like Backstage, and a local arts website to find auditions and opportunities to apply for. It opened my small inexperienced acting world to knowing what it takes to become an actress, increased my experience, and led me network and meet wonderful people. No matter how minor or major your role is, it provides exposure, knowledge, experience, and satisfaction! And it all happened from the comfort of my home!

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Fear and Inexperience

I used to fear that my lack of experience would hinder my chances to land an audition. My acting resume and CV used to be as empty and dry as a desert. I learned that sometimes it's not always important, but , it's still a good thing to build it. I was terrified of rejection, but when it first came, I honestly wasn't that devastated. I was just happy to have auditioned in the first place, since I had no idea what I was doing. Don't dwell on the ' no's ' and give up, because the ' yes ' will come rolling in like a flood. Audition, even if you think you're not good enough. My first paid acting role, Ms. Baker in The Last one out of  Christmastown, came a few months after I joined Backstage, It was with an American production company, and I felt like I completely failed the audition. Then, they asked me to self tape for a totally different character...and I got the role! It was an amazing experience, I made great connections with the directors and cast, after the show, they asked me to join other productions. It taught me that networking and building relationships with directors, writers, actors, producers, etc. is very important.


Be your own manager and agent in the mean time. Whether it's emails, marketing yourself, attending auditions, workshops or open calls, you can do it without an agency or manager. I manage all my acting work by myself, with knowledge I gained through attending workshops, and reading articles. It takes a lot of hard work, but one day, the jobs and opportunities are going to start coming and you'll eventually gain an agent (which is awesome)! Fortunately, I will be attending CMTC (Canadian Modeling and Talent Convention) in Toronto, where I will be able to showcase my talent, learn from industry representatives, and hopefully get signed by an agency. 

Acting virtually

I don't live in a major city like Toronto, London, Los Angeles, Seoul, or New York. Most of the auditions in my area are for small local shows or plays. It may sound disappointing, but it really isn't. I live in Alberta, and many things have been filmed here. Currently, the film, The Last of Us, is being filmed in my city. I didn't even know that my city and province was the backdrop of so may TV shows and major films like; Jann, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Besides the bigger productions, there are so many ways to act, film, write in your area. There's many opportunities to reach out to artists and collaborate on local projects. My connections have helped me land auditions for movies I didn't even know were happening. But as we are in a pandemic, lots of creators have been utilizing Zoom, YouTube, and other platforms, to present plays and shows. I have been acting from home since the beginning of the pandemic, so I am very used to using Zoom and learning how to portray realistic acting through a screen. 

A director once told me that you have to act 10 times as much through Zoom. 

Along with self tapes, if I can't get anyone to read the lines back to me in a two person scene, I prerecord myself reading the lines. Take advantage of things like Backstage and virtual acting, you can work from home and reach out to people all over the world.

Always be truthful in your online profile, and showcase your best talent and skills. All it takes is for one person to see your potential and open the doors to your acting career. There's so much you can learn about yourself and the world around you in acting. It helped me start doing poetry slams, playwrighting, creative writing, music composition, and directing plays for my very first time. Everyone is capable of acting, and whether you've done it in a minor way such as a school, church or small theatre production, or a major professional stage, CONGRATS, YOU ARE AN ACTOR!

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