TravelLet´s raise the stakes, let´s get out of the comfort zone

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Let´s raise the stakes, let´s get out of the comfort zone

¿How we can get out of the comfort zone?

We all want to grow and learn every day and in order to do that, we have to step out of our comfort zone.

One of the things that characterizes me as a Taurus is the need for control because I feel safe there. But there is something inside me that pushes me to get out. And ¡thank´s god I listen to my inner voice! 

As an actress myself, I think it's important to be clear about this and to know that in acting you can't have things under control, it's impossible. And, also if you stay with what you know it works, you won't be able to know how far your mind, your body and your creativity can expand.

Of course it is difficult. I keep trying everyday. But an actor always has to be uncomfortable, on alert, to get out of the zone that controls in order to grow. This is, taking risks, and the possibility of being wrong. 

Are you familiar with the term "raising the stakes"? In acting, it is the term we use when actors take a big risk in something. You may achieve it once you leave the comfort zone and forget how the scene should be.  After all, play and let yourself be. And if something goes "wrong, unexpected" do not see it as a mistake, but as an opportunity. 

To this day, I consider unforeseen events as gifts because they put me in a situation of uncertainty and give me the opportunity to say, okay, what can I do? And I think that's magic.

Now I am talking about acting, but I think this, it's just as important to grow on a personal level. A year ago I started studying Korean, it took me a month to get familiar with the alphabet, I didn't think it was possible. But it is, and  I have grown a lot since then and I have learned things about myself by learning a new language and culture, I have taken risks, I have stepped out of my comfort zone.

That's why I believe that we should always live like this. Discovering ourselves and seeing what we are capable of doing. In other words, LIVING. 

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