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CV: An Aspiring Film Director

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Lately, I was wondering what would be the best way to make myself known as an aspiring film director and how to achieve a stand out in this medium if I am a beginner. It may sounds a little complicated, right? But for those who have made this profession their life project, every decision and every path taken, it is in search of that goal which, while it is a high mountain and steep to climb, it is not an impossible peak to conquer.

Looking for an answer to my question, a new question arises: What is the most important thing in the aspiring film director’s CV (Curriculum Vitae)?

Your career and all the courses you’ve taken during your training certainly play a key role in this process; but when it comes to proving your talent, your vision and your originality it is very important to expose aspects that make you unique and different from others. We are talking about a highly competitive industry with few opportunities for inexperienced filmmakers. So, if you've never worked directing any projects; how do you show that you are the talent they are looking for.

Will your certificates and diplomas be enough? My answer is no, and don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that going to the university to study was a waste of time. On the contrary, you have a great advantage, because in your hands are the foundations and tools that will help you build a successful path.

Don’t forget that training is always a plus in the life of every human being and a permanent responsibility to yourself.

The clearest example can be seen in many film directors who never went to a film school, but spent their time working tirelessly for their goals.  That allowed them to go so far to the point of becoming today into great references in the film world.  Among them, we have Billy Wilder, Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino and many others. 

In short, if knowledge doesn't go hand in hand with passion and hard work, then we have nothing.

In line with that, if what you are passionate about is creating and directing, your cover letter should be your audiovisual material. It is the best way to introduce yourself; you can start making short films, upload them to platforms like YouTube and participate in film festivals; the idea is to accumulate experience and recognition.  Today you can make good content even without having a big budget or the best recording equipment.

Photo by Kyle Loftus on Canva

There are already film festivals like SmartFilms from Colombia, in which only productions made with a smartphone participate; there are no excuses anymore, the limit you put it yourself.  So, you can go as far as you want.

If you don't know where to start and need an impetus to advance in your career, at Asia Lab you can find workshops and courses that help you develop your skills and put them into practice. It's a great opportunity to gain experience and take the first step on this wonderful journey.

Finally, as a last piece of advice:  I believe the most important thing to do is to transmit a message that has your essence, your stamp to leave a precedent of what your style is.  Enjoy the process, don't be afraid to make mistakes, and always do your best to become a great filmmaker.


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