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“Falling in love in New York” -

actress Yubi Lee, cast in Romantic Drama movie 'Love Affair' 


South Korean actress Yubi Lee has confirmed to appear in director Lee Jung-sub's next Romantic drama movie 'Love Affair'!

'Love Affair' tells the story of a young man and a woman, who travel to New York to recreate the love story of a couple who fell in love, but broke up in the past. 

This is the third melodrama film directed by Lee Jung-sub, who wrote the screenplay for 'Lost in Love' starring Korean actor Sol Kyung-gu and 'Romantic Island' with actor Lee Sun-kyung. The male protagonist of 'Love Affair', who is a promising next generation Hallyu Star, will be announced soon. 


Yubi Lee, who made her debut in the MBN series 'Vampire Idol' in 2011, has appeared in TV shows and movies such as 'Twenty' and 'Next Door Neighbor', as well as in entertainment programs such as 'Celebrity Beauty' and 'Dogs are Incredible'.  She recently appeared in the popular  tvN series 'Yumi's Cells' as 'Ruby'. She plans to show off her new acting transformation in the movie 'Love Affair' by playing a realistic and mature character, that is different from her previous characters.

The movie will be filmed entirely in New York and reminds of movies like  'Late Autumn', 'Before Sunrise', and 'Lost in Translations' which all tell the love story of a man and woman in an unfamiliar city. 

Yubi Lee said, "The scenario was very interesting and moving. A universal love story, happening in New York, that appeals to every generation is the perfect setting for a Romantic movie”, expressing her affection and anticipation for her upcoming movie. 

Director Lee Jung-sub was invited to several global film festivals in the last years, winning the Special Jury Prize at the Fantasporto International Film Festival with two experimental genre films, 'Fallen' and 'A.I. Her'. He expresses that he wants to “show the hidden potential of actress Yubi Lee, who always radiates honest charm” through his new movie. 

Yoon Young-joon, who composed the song 'Two People' for famous ballad singer Seong Si-kyung, joins as music director for 'Love Affair', raising expectations for the romantic movie. 


'Love Affair' will finish casting the lead actors and start filming in the beginning of next year.

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Author: Anna Rihlmann (윤안나) is working as an actress and producer at Asia Lab.

After majoring in Media Science and Korean studies in Germany, she graduated with a M.F.A. in Acting from the Korea National University of Arts (K-Arts).

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