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Ziga Poromon
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Wondering where these mesmerizing photos were taken?

Your next destination...British Columbia!

In late October, my family and I packed our bags into our SUV, and took a 2 day trip to Radium Springs, BC. Home of the famous Hot Springs.

It was a chilly journey with amazing views of the snowy mountains, rocky brown canyons, deer, horned sheep, and glistening blue lakes. We finally arrived at our hotel called, 'Inn on Canyon', a serene Inn with excellent service, beautiful views, and our room was the pristine Purcell Suite. The next morning, we had a delicious FREE BREAKFAST, and saw deer and turkeys as we ate pancakes and sausages!

We then traveled around the area, saw the Radium Springs Visitors Center, more mountains and bushy trees, cafes, and a giant canyon with a peaceful waterfall. I kept my camera handy so I wouldn't miss a moment. We finally arrived at the famous Radium Hot Springs, Canada's LARGEST hot spring pool . It's a natural hot pool with 39  0 C mineral rich water, nestled near a large gray mountain. My parents enjoyed a warm therapeutic soak in the pool, as I was to nervous to even enter   (TIP: arrive before 4pm to beat the rush). We ended the day with pizza, Halloween movies, and Nigerian comedy. I wrote a poem inspired by my trip called, BC, that you can read on Wattpad. BC- original poem

British Columbia has been the home of impressive locations for film and television studios, and its success is creating a BOOM for the economy. It has been used as the background for various popular and local films and TV shows.

Movies that were filmed in British Columbia

- Radio Silence (Radium Springs)

- Riverdale, The Good Doctor, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Vancouver)

- Godzilla, X-Men, Deadpool 2 (Vancouver)

- Tomorrowland (Okanagan)

- Midnight Mass (Richmond)

- and MANY more!

I'm a city girl, but this was a trip to remember! Make sure to pack warm clothes, your camera, and snacks for the drive. I definitely recommend visiting Radium Springs (winter or summer), and using it for your next film, TV, or video project.

-Inn on Canyon stay was about $145 CAD a night-

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