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K-Fans must visit #1 – K-Star Road in Gangnam

Today us interns visited the famous K-Star Road in Gangnam that is right in front of our office. If you wanna take a virtual tour along the road, fell free to read the article.

You start here and just follow the road to the right. Along the sidewalk, you can see all of the dolls! Iconic K-Pop Groups all have their own dolls that are decorated according to the groups image.

Super Junior's doll in their official colour~                                    Shinee's in pear aqua with their names on it as well

SNSD's bright pink one (it looks more red on picture)                EXO's one designed after their Growl Outfits

For all the Armys out there- BTS's one!                                          Next to the purple-gold one from Vixx

TVXQ's looks so cool with the black-white one                            Infinite's gives futuristic vibes~

After you passed the last doll, you can visit a few Entertainment Companies that are in the area. We decided to visit Starship as we are both fans of Monsta X. You can also see us here~

That was our little tour of the K-Star Road! We hope you will get a chance to visit this place one day! If you do, share your pictures with us on Instagram. We would love to see your adventure!

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