DiningThe life of an Asia Lab intern - a continuation

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I have been an Intern at Asia Lab for two weeks now and so far, it is going great. We have learned so much in this short amount of time and it is only the beginning. To find out more of this experience, read this article.

My thoughts so far 

Just as the first week, the work as been mostly social media related and we were expected to share our ideas on how to improve the social media accounts as well as give ideas about possible content. We were pleasantly surprised to see some of our ideas getting used already. It really shows that our work gets appreciated and is not meaningless. Connecting more with the team was also very nice. After the initial awkwardness, it is now easier to talk during the lunch-break. It is also reassuring to know that our opinion is appreciated so we express it more during meetings – at least that’s what I hope we do. Us interns also found a nice structure to work together that is more productive but also fun. It is so rare to have an internship where you like nearly all tasks and go to work happy, so I am glad I have found this opportunity here at Asia Lab. I also was allowed to work from home for one day as I had a meeting with my home university right after work. And to not get stressed about how I would get home on time; I was allowed to be in home office for the day. I am already sure that I will continue to learn a lot in the upcoming weeks. I am sure the next weeks will be great as well and show us more aspects of this field and work in general.

What we did throughout the week

This week, we got to post some stories on Instagram on the global account, which was really cool. I liked to brainstorm ideas with my fellow intern for that and then later choose pictures, a theme and then edit the pictures. We also made pictures that went on the feed of both Asia Lab accounts. It felt really nice to receive trust like that. I was very nervous to upload the first article as well and was unsure what the team would think about it as well. Thankfully, the team liked the article and it received nice reactions.

But arguably the most fun we had was on Thursday. We took team pictures together before and after lunch and that was really the peak of the week. Spending time with the team doing seemingly normal stuff, was quite different. It didn’t feel like work at all but at the same time it did. It’s a bit weird to describe but it really was nice, and we laughed a lot. Also, the pictures turned out great. Stay tuned to see them all! One was already uploaded on Instagram as well. After the team pictures, we shot a quick video to introduce our office that also went well. We could bring our ideas for different scenes while also learning from what angle to take the videos or how perspective really works. It was a nice experience and went really well. Naturally, we also learned how to cut videos after having shot one earlier the week.

Although some tasks that we receive are a bit research heavy, it is always fun to work together to work it out and finish the tasks. Together with the other intern, the tasks take half the time and we are able to have some fun as well. I know I mention how fun the work is a lot, but it is really like this.

Overall, I look forward to the next week and am excited to learn even more from the team. I also hope the next week will be as fun as this on has been.

As the weather continues to be cold here in Korea, I hope you dress warm and take care of your health! Stay safe everyone!

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