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Ziga Poromon
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Last week, I had my very first on camera acting experience after years of being on stage

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Being at a real set location was very interesting and nerve-racking. Most of my experience has been in the theatre, on a stage, or virtually through a laptop camera. I definitely had to adapt to a much different environment that had cameras, lights, mics, and unfamiliar cues. 

I filmed for a student commercial in an cozy apartment and a downtown library, and for a short film competing in the CUFF 48 Hour Movie Making Challenge. The cast and crew for both projects were relatively small and filming took between 40 minutes to 3 hours. The late night shoot for the Challenge ran all the way to midnight (so tiring   )

How I prepared:

- Went to bed extra early to ensure I was well rested

- Ate a hearty breakfast (nothing that would upset my stomach)

- Hydrated (water is best)

- Prepared the day before the shoot (a map to the location, water, charger, makeup wipes, and makeup if needed) 

- Dressed for the weather for outdoor shoots

- Showered and took care of my personal hygiene

- Calmed down nerves with breathing exercises, a book, and music

- Arrived 5-10 minutes before call time

- Kept close contact with the directors and producers

- Thoroughly read call sheets

In terms of acting, there was little to no dialogue, but I used all that I have learned in the theater about making BOLD CHOICES and emoting in my tone and face.

It's been a while since I left the house for acting, but I really enjoyed the experience, and seeing how the film crew made everything work.

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