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The art of understanding how to be a multi-hyphenate performer takes personal insight into what you represent, what your skills include, and how to pitch your brand to the world.  

Who are you?

There's a variety of skills and interests that can fit the definition of YOU. Are you a great artist, philanthropist, student, sound engineer, designer? Whatever your special skill or interest is, it's time to start weaving it into your name. Come up with at least 3 skills/interests that you are passionate about. Be as authentic as you can, and choose your best assets. For example, I am an actor, writer, poet, musician, and youth leader.


Hone and integrate your skills

Do some research on artists who have similar skills/interests as you, and learn what it took for them to build their brand. Through networking, practicing your craft, creating exciting pieces of work, and putting yourself out there with a goal oriented plan, you can firmly and confidently become a multi-hyphenate. For example, if you are a singer, actor and environmentalist, you could plan to gig around and create singing videos online, act in musical theater productions, and fulfill your environmentalist side by participating in events and organizations that deal with that particular interest. You can even infuse all three, write a song for a musical your starring in about protecting the environment.

 Zendaya is one of my multi-hyphenate inspirations; she is a musician, dancer, producer, actor, and  fashion designer, with collaborations with Tommy Hilfiger, Barbie, and Squarespace.


Link:  Interview of Zendaya with actor, producer, and writer, Issa Rae, on how she created space and representation 

Being a multi-hyphenate allows for people to seek out more than one job or gig. It's also an asset that agents, casting directors, and employers love to see. You can fulfill or play various roles because you have vast experience.

The Golden Circle and Loglines

Why are you sharing your brand? Why are you different from others?---> 

How will you contribute to society (your values)?---> 

Describe what you have to offer (your list of skills and interests)

From the book: Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek

If you ask yourself these questions, you can create a logline. A logline is a brief summary that explains the conflict of a movie, TV show, book, or in this case, your unique qualities.

Rough example: I am an actor and writer who is passionate about telling diverse stories through unique storytelling, using my skills in musical theater, poetry, and comedy. I intend on making positive impacts in my community, especially for the youth, and working as a versatile and dependable performer with diverse creatives.

The Multi-hyphenate is a stand out!

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