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Black History  Month
February & Forever 
February 1 - March 1

North America and Germany celebrate Black history month in February!

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This is a time where we celebrate and highlight the contributions, culture, and innovation of Black people, from the past, to the present.

An African-American historian, Carter G. Woodson, chose one week to celebrate Black history in February, which eventually turned into Black Heritage Month in 1976.

The Canadian government officially recognized Black  History  Month in 1995. Each year, there is a different theme.

Black History and racial trauma is often overlooked in Canada, but their  history is interconnected with Indigenous Peoples, and spans back to the 1600's. From educational, financial, social, and employment gaps, recognizing these disparities can allow us to eliminate systemic racism, and increase social  inclusivity  and progress.

Courtesy Glenbow Archives/NA-5600-7760a

VIOLET HILL - The first black person to pass the Alberta Bar and the first black woman to become a lawyer (graduated in 1954). Along with her brother Ted King, she fought against discriminatory policies in Calgary.


OSCAR PETERSON - Iconic Jazz musician (one of my musical inspirations)

CARRIE BEST - Journalist and human rights activist

ANGELA JAMES - The "Wayne Gretzky" of Women's Hockey, Hockey Hall of Fame

WONDAGURL - Record producer (Drake, Rihanna, Big Sean)

VIOLA DESMOND - Civil and humans rights activist, First Black-owned newspaper 'The Clarion'

DRAKE - Influential Hip Hop figure, Toronto Raptor's global ambassador

Ways to celebrate Black History:

  • Support Black Owned Businesses and Artists/Creatives 
  • Learn about Black history in your community and beyond (libraries, historians, museums, websites)
  • Attend an event (plays, festivals, webinars)
  • Donate to an organization (ensure it is legitimate)
  • Here is a link to Black History Month events in Calgary:
  • Here is a link to virtual Black History Month events:

Although it is only a month long celebration, it doesn't mean we can't celebrate Black achievements everyday.

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