[Entertainment]Reece Presley -Storyteller and Pandemic Nomad

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Reece Presley

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There is no doubt that the Asia Lab has drawn a wide range of talent from all over the world. So why me? 

Like many here, I am an actor. I have been a professional artist for the last 8 years in Canada.

But I wasn't always that way.

 Before acting, I was a professional fighter - fighting from the USA to Japan and everything in between. After that, I went back to school and completed my MBA. Acting came a calling and I haven't looked back. 

Still, why me? Well, I have lived! Especially during this pandemic, I feel like I have lived 10 lives. I have uprooted my life all over my wonderful country. I bring wisdom to the stories that I tell. Wisdom that can't be taught through an acting program or even gleaned on set. Wisdom that is earned through living a full, awesome life. Acting is my life and always will be. I have been very fortunate to continue working in Canada and the US, I would love to collaborate on your next film - ASIA! 

I would like to bring my experience and wisdom to your project. Together, I know we would create a great story!

Oh and my uncle's name is Elvis Presley - that has to count for something!