[Entertainment]Quadrilingual actor and model aspiring to inspire - Dmitry Pankin

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Dmitry Pankin Manakova

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Hi there and first of all thank you very much for this opportunity! My name's Dmitry Pankin (but everyone calls me Dima) and I'm a 23 year old living in Spain, born in Russia. I speak 4 languages on a native level: Spanish, Russian, English, and Catalan. I've always been a film industry lover; one of my favorite hobbies is to just watch all the movies I possibly can. I've always enjoyed imagining myself in the movies like I was actually there because I thought it was so cool to have the possibility to be a different character every time. 

I know for sure that my life is in the film industry, I just know. I'm also a model and been modeling for a few years now, and enjoy it a lot. One of my biggest goals is to inspire as many people as I can throughout my life, and by becoming a famous actor I'm sure I will impact a lot of lives in the most positive way possible. Fame and money are okay, of course, but my mission is to help others achieve their life goals, become better people, etc. Keanu Reeves is my top idol for this because of the way he is and the way he treats all the people around him.

I've done a few short films and a video clip so I have some experience in acting. I've also participated in a live TV show here in Spain. I also love to read, I enjoy doing sports (martial arts and boxing have been an important part of my life), but really any type of sport, and I also really like challenging myself in any way possible to become a better version of myself.

Finally, I would be really honored to participate in such an incredible film as yours. I hope we can work together in the near future, and can't wait to hear from you guys! And, once again, thanks a lot for this amazing opportunity! :)