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Name  이름 크리티 싱할 KRITI SINGHAL 

Nationality  국적 인도 (INDIA)

Base  현재 거주지  패션 디자이너 ( Fashion Designer and Model In India )

Birth  생년월일  23 칠월 1998

Photo/videos that best represents who you are  

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[God of Travel] applicants, please upload your best travel photos and videos.
and Please describe your motivation and goals for participating in this program.
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Competition can increase motivation, improve productivity and performance, and provide accountability and validation.I am willing to learn new skills and have many existing ones to offer. I want to participate in this program to develop the ability to generate more ideas and concepts to bring change in the fashion Industry. And want to witness the biggest Fashion Capital and Want to be part of the Korean Fashion and Culture. Want to achieve something big in the world and i  Korea is the best place who understand the talent and one's ability.  


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I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, responsible and hard working person. Adaptable to all challenging situations I am a dedicated, organized and methodical individual always willing to learn new skills . I am a punctual and motivated individual who is able to work in a busy environment and produce high standards of work. I am a dedicated, organized and methodical individual. I have good interpersonal skills I have a creative mind and am always up for new challenges always seek to achieve a high standard in whatever work I undertake. Loyal and mature worker with a variety of skills to offer.

This dress is styled ,designed, stitched and overall look Makeup and Hairdo done by me........