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Name  이름

Sherble Savia D'souza

Nationality  국적 


Base  현재 거주지 

Goa- India

Birth  생년월일

9th October 2002

(20 years) 

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and Please describe your motivation and goals for participating in this program.
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I love traveling, since a child i always had a dream of being on screen and i feel this series will definitely help me prove my capabilities and will test my survival instincts. Through this program i hope on delivering my best to make this series a success and even winning it as I'm sure to garner the love and support of my parent country India and Hoping on garnering the attention of the world by showcasing my fun, entertaining, Charming side as well as bold,  charismatic, strong side. Definately I have seen Bear Grylls since a kid and was amazed and thrilled by him, it brings me immense joy that I'm going to experience quite an adventure like that through this series, while definately adding some humour in it, cause eventually it all gets better with a smile. 


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I am a fun, optimistic, determinant person. I love traveling and exploration, At the age of 19 i started by 1st business and now at the age of 20 I own two businesses. I hope on leaving my mark on this earth, with constantly proving myself and others how better i can get each time. I just finished my bachelors in Business administration, and now hoping on making the most out of each minute every day.