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Name   Name- Rajpari Meihar

Nationality   _ Indian

Base   current residence - Indore(India)

Birth Date of birth  - 24-06-1993

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Unexpected Journey - Alleppey | Wedding, Food, People

[God of Travel] applicants, please upload your best travel photos and videos. 
and Please describe your motivation and goals for participating in this program. 
Applicants for [God of Travel] should upload their best travel photos and videos, and be sure to 
write down their motivation and goals for why they should appear on this program.


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Hello, I am Rajpari.

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Hello, I am Rajpari, a video editor and traveler from India. I love to explore places, cultures and meet new people. I mostly like to travel to offbeat places where you can experience the raw culture of the place and that's why I like to challenge myself. Through this program, I want to experience the thrill and challenges that comes with the survival game and make fun content.