[Entertainment]Hello.. This is Harika Kandregula

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Name    Harika Kandregula

Nationality    Indian

Base    current residence - Florida, United States 

Birth Date of  birth - 15th of March 2000

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Applicants for [God of Travel] should upload their best travel photos and videos, and be sure to          
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Please introduce yourself. 

Hi This is Harika Kandregula from India residing in United States. Currently I am pursuing my Masters Degree in United States. I am travel freak. Participating in this program is a golden opportunity for me to showcase my love for traveling and to inspire others to embark on my own adventures. This is a biggest opportunity for a traveler like me to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for exploration. And it also establishes meaningful connections with a diverse community of travel enthusiasts. This is also an opportunity for pushing my boundaries, gaining new experiences, and challenging myself to explore many new things. This program helps me with recognition and exposure in the travel industry and this may open doors to new opportunities such as collaborations such as travel brands and this creates a meaningful impact in the world of travel. I believe in my self and I will give my 100% no matter what. This is actually a greatest opportunity for Asians  and Anushka Sen is my inspiration to apply. I am looking forward to show myself to the world. Thank you :)