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Name  이름 

Parul Tiwari 

Nationality  국적 


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Udaipur, Rajasthan 

Birth  생년월일


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I am Parul Tiwari from India. I am an Engineer and have worked in an IT company. I love dancing and listening to music makes me feel warm. I love to read and get escaped in the world of stories. I am very fond of traveling and taking pictures. It makes my soul free and happy. Nature really is a therapist for me. I like taking pictures of it. I love to explore places and get to know different cultures, their history, food, and languages. 
I have been watching korean drama’s since I was in school and till now I find it very intriguing. When I traveled to Korea I got to know much more about it than I used to see in Kdrama. The food, culture, history, entertainment, beauty, language everything was interesting. I am learning Korean language and I hope to know more about it. 

I want to share my small world with everyone and I want everyone to “Fall in love with Life”. 
I hope you can all support me in this :)